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We created these minimalist square business cards for Mary Grace Photography, and we just love how they turned out. The silver foil really pops on a black background with super smooth suede lamination, making for a stellar first impression! How will you set your brand apart? Drop us a line to discuss with a member of our design team!

Minimalist Foil Business Cards for Photographer

How to Photograph your Event and Maintain the Guest Experience


Capturing your live event is essential in documenting your companies efforts in designing and producing the event, not only to showcase your business, but to inspire your staff and thank your clients as well.

But capturing your event with photography or video should not come at the expense of the guest experience, after all, the live event itself is for their enjoyment.

You may have witnessed at many events, photographers/videographers standing in the sight lines of guests for the duration of the event, or placing tripods and camera mounts in guest traffic areas, forcing the guest to move around them.

First and foremost, the performance or invited speaker is for the enjoyment of your guests, and yes, capturing spectacular images of a possible once in a lifetime engagement is important and desired, but that can be accomplished with a little bit of pre-planning.

Always communicate the specifics of your event. Whether you have a single performance, multiple production numbers, speakers, or atmosphere talent. Ask your photographer or videographer not to linger in one area for any length of time. Ask them to refrain from standing in front of seated guests and if a choice needs to be made between the guest having a great experience or “getting the shot”- well, the guest is whom the event was created.

When you communicate the specifics of your live event, the professionals you partner with can work with your concerns and objectives, and still deliver outstanding and spectacular imagery and video while maintaining a positive experience for your invited guests.

Event Planning Performance Photography

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Are you a photography professional, or perhaps a passionate hobbyist?  When was the last time you spruced up your presentation of your work?  Branding is so important when it comes to making yourself memorable and hireable, and a unique and beautiful business card is a great way to be sure you stick in people’s minds.  Here we’ve compiled some awesome designs we think would make a great impression for a photographers.  Have us re-create one for you, or use them as inspiration for your own idea!  Contact us for pricing!

Photography Business Card Designs

Unique Photographer Business Card All Natural Eco Friendly Business CardsCreative Business Card DesignCreative Plastic Business Cards for Photographers Photography Business Card Colorful Custom Business Cards

Artsy Photographer Business CardUnique Viewfinder Business Card Design Custom Photographer Business Card Natural Business Card Design

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