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Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs like the one above are created by applying a vinyl applique on a large acrylic board, then mounting with aesthetically pleasing spacers to allow the sign to project from the wall.  The sign is also highlighted by strategically placed lighting.  This is a very affordable way to get a super high end look that will really set your space apart.  We can create signs of this type up to 4′ x 8′, in an unlimited amount of colors and gradients.  Installation service available

Make an impact on your clients with indoor signs. Indoor signs come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Some of the most popular signs are Acrylic, Foam Core Ultra, Posters, Banners, and PVC. Whether you are looking to advertise for your indoor business or just looking at signs for personal use, we will help you design and create your unique indoor sign. Your indoor sign will easy to attach anywhere. From wood paneling, drywall, concrete, scroll brackets, and more. Acrylic signs are ideal for corporate, recreational, and personal use. Acrylic is versatile and unbeatable as it’s a hard plastic that looks just like glass. With a glossy surface will give your sign that extra touch of elegance and professionalism.

Indoor and outdoor

Acrylic is so durable and can be made as transparent as actual glass. Acrylic is the way to go when looking to display information to clients. Highly durable and professional appearance you can use them inside offices, as hanging signs, retail shops, trade show signs, interior signage, the point of purchase. Anywhere you need a message displayed.

Advantages of Acrylic

Easy to clean, customize to suit your needs, affordable, and easy to change information when necessary. For signs that are versatile look no further than high in visibility and affordable acrylic is your signage solution.  When advertising with individual letters, spelling out your full business name, or using a directional sign, acrylic is a great material to use.

Acrylic signs can also be combined with metal for a professional look, look much like glass when frosted, protects printed graphics and lettering from harsh elements, and can also be cut to give a 3D layered effect.

Foamcore Signs

Foamcore signs are great for short events, presentations, temporary displays, and signs that don’t need to be moved very much.  At $6 per square foot, it’s very affordable- but not recommended for long term use as it can bend or break pretty easily with too much jostling.  With our cutting edge flatbed printer we can print directly on the material, so no mounting fees apply.


Custom printed photo frame and prop in Austin Texas American Heart Heart Walk
This custom photo frame we printed for the Heart Walk is simply a foamcore sign with the inside cut out.
Corrugated Plastic Signs – (Coroplast)
Custom Coroplast Signs Marathon Event Start Line Best Printer in Austin
Coroplast Signs we printed to create the Start & Finish Lines for American Heart’s Heartwalk

Corrugated plastic looks similar to foamcore, but is sturdier and holds up better over time.  There are many uses for this material,whether you are advertising a sale, trying to gain attention for a politician, or selling a home, our corrugated displays are an effective measure to use. We offer custom displays that vary in size, material, and design to help you create the right look for the attention or purpose that you are trying to achieve.Corrugated Plastic / Coroplast

Corrugated signs also work perfectly as directional markers for outdoor events such as ACL and SXSW, weddings, and sports fields.  Beyond their outdoor uses, corrugated displays can be used for creative in-store promotional displays to quickly convey messaging to passing shoppers.  We also offer a variety of frame and stand options from economical H-stakes to more finished looking metal frames with top and bottom rider spaces available for additional messages.

Real Estate Sign Frames

The printing experts at Global Printing Solutions are ready to help you start planning
your corrugated display campaign. Contact our office today to see how we can quickly and affordably produce displays for your next event or in-store promotion. Because our printing plant is located right in our main office, we can offer quick turnarounds on orders whether you need ten corrugated signs or ten thousand. We also have rush printing services available to make sure your signs arrive right on time!

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum is a very durable option for signage that needs to survive outdoors long term.  We can print directly on aluminum up to 4′ x 8′ feet, with unlimited colors.  Aluminum is useful for all the same applications as PVC, but is a much sturdier investment.Aluminum Sign

Vinyl Wall Appliques

Vinyl wall appliques enable you to apply a flat image to any wall or surface.  Designs can be contour cut so that the background color of your surface shows through the image, and designs are not limited to circles, squares, or rectangles.  The forgiving and durable material allows the applique to be removed and re-adhered multiple times, making it a great reusable and temporary option.  Vinyl appliques can be used on hard floors to direct traffic or call attention to certain areas, on walls to announce seasonal events, as commitment free murals or wall decor, and hundreds of other possibilities.  Installation service is available.  Contact us with your ideas and lets spruce up your space with a custom vinyl applique!

Vinyl Wall Applique

Vinyl Wall Applique

Other Materials Available
  • PVC
  • MDO
  • Wood Panel
  • Plexiglass
  • Dibond
  • Almost any flat object less than 2″ thick, and less than 4′ x 8′
Finishing Options & Accessories
  • Lamination
  • Dry Erase Lamination
  • Easel Backs
  • Grommets
  • Drilled Holes
  • H-Stakes
  • H-Frame Sign Frames with or without riders
  • A Frame Sign Mounts
  • Installation Services
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