Global Printing Solutions in Austin

Direct Mailing Services

Every Door Direct Mailing ( EDDM )

Get your products or services in front of people everywhere with our Every Door Direct program.
Rather than printing large banners, posters or signs, Global Printing Solutions can print quality
books, business cards, and postcards and deliver them directly to your target audience’s mailbox.
This personalized marketing method can have a greater impact by targeting people in your desired
demographic and grabbing their attention to alert them of new products, promotions, or events that
are taking place at your business.


Our quality digital printing will create professional quality materials that will be delivered into the
mailboxes of many different individuals. Print marketing will get your business name and logo into
many homes and give more people the first impression that you want them to have of your business.
Unlike an advertisement that is placed where only a select group of people will see it, your
information will reach the hands of entire neighborhoods and provide them with a resource for your
information whenever it becomes useful to them.

Direct mail also gives you more options that other types of advertising by allowing you to give
potential customers discount coupons, gift coupons, and product lists that they can refer to time after
time. Global Printing Solutions has earned a reputation for high quality printing that helps more
businesses sell their products and services on any scale. Let us help you create a more successful
marketing campaign by providing you with the high quality printing that will give more potential
customers the right first impression for your business!

Global Printing Solutions in Austin