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Gift Cards & Certificates

Gift Certificate for our friends at Kona Grill

Gift Certificates are an excellent marketing tool that engages customers to keep them coming back. Unlike coupons, a gift certificate makes people feel like they have money burning a hole in their pocket.  As a bonus, over 50% of customers using gift certificates will visit more than once to use it up, providing additional upsell opportunities for your business.

Another great thing about gift certificates and gift cards is that when you sell a one, you get paid in advance of any products or services rendered. You keep the cash until the it’s redeemed. And they’re an easy gift choice for people who are hard to buy for, so they’re easy to sell!  Not many marketing strategies will immediately improve cash flow like gift cards do.

Additionally, gift cards are cheap advertising.  They’re basically little wallet-sized billboards reminding customers to visit you, and they cost way less than a life-size billboard!

Contact our team to design your new gift cards or certificates and get more cash flowing to your business today!

Global Printing Solutions in Austin