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At Global Printing Solutions, we offer a wide range of brochure types and sizes, custom designed to
fit your needs. Choose from simple rack cards to brochures with 2, 3, or as many as 4 folding panels.
The size you need will depend on the amount of information you want to present. We use only the
highest quality digital printing processes to highlight your brand.

Brochures for our friends at New Canaan Farms

Printing a brochure on your own is possible, but certainly not easy. Aside from the obvious issues of
limited volume on your business printer, planning the folds so that they line up correctly is difficult for
people who don’t do it often. Global Printing Solutions can assist you in your printing needs by
offering tri-fold brochure printing and print brochures at any volume you request. You can even print
multiple proofs before making a final decision about which layout works best. Once you’ve created
your template, we can also save it, so that future requests or changes will be quick and easy.

Essentially, choosing Global Printing Solutions as a brochure maker is the best option for people
with limited experience in printing, and strict requirements of quality and layout.
Whether you are looking for color brochure printing, or a black and white creation, Global Printing
Solutions gives each custom brochure printing job the attention it needs, to produce a professional
end result. Brochures can be created to advertise a business’s variety of services, or can serve as
informational pamphlets used to educate clients. We can also design brochures to match existing
advertising campaigns in posters, banners or in-store advertising. Whatever your purpose, allow the
printing experts at Global Printing Solutions to create a custom digital printing solution for your
needs. Experience a new level of professional printing and create your brochure printing quote

There are so many options for setting up your brochure! Overwhelmed? Consult one of our designers for advice!
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