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Business Cards

Business cards are the face of your business. They should speak for themselves and give current and potential clients a reason to buy your products or use your services. Global Printing Solutions can help you create custom business cards that will not only speak for themselves, but will stand out from any other card, setting you apart from any competitors in the field.

Whether you have an existing business card design to work from or you would like to design your own business card with the assistance of our design team, Global Printing Solutions is perfectly suited to aid you by providing a variety of options and examples.

We can print quality business cards for an individual or can manage cards for an entire organization to create a unified look. Letterpress, photo and full color varieties make for endless creative potential. Once your business cards are printed, we can easily translate that messaging and design
onto accompanying letterhead, brochures and sales sheets to round out your business materials.

Every company needs business cards as they are a powerful way to market and advertise you’re your company brand and logo. One of the most important things when creating your business cards is the type of printing paper you use. This can determine the attention of the viewer and whether or not it will captivate their interest. Our team of experts are ready to assist with your business card design to make sure it’s the best representation for your business.

Some of the special features we can offer for business cards include: Spot UV treatment, raised lettering, metallic foils, embossing/debossing, corner rounding, painted edges, and textures such as linen, laid, cotton, silk, and suede.

Business Cards with Metallic Foil in Gold
Business Cards with Debossed Logo
Business Cards with Painted Edges
Metal Business Cards
Business Cards with Spot UV treatment
Business Cards with Raised Metallic Foil in Silver
Business Cards with Raised Holographic Foil
Plastic Business Cards
Business Cards printed on Kraft Paper
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