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Direct to Garment Printing is the most cost effective way to get a design with a wide variety of different colors printed onto fabric.  With screen printing, there’s a screen charge for each color in the design, plus additional run charges, so designs with more than a few colors can get very complex and  expensive.  With Direct to Garment (or DTG) the design is created using a 4 color process, printed all at once- very similar to the way inkjet printers print on paper.  Instead of being limited to solid flat colors, designs can include photo realistic graphics!  Another advantage to DTG printing is that the ink doesn’t add a lot of texture on top of the fabric, so the clothing stays just as soft and smooth as if it were unprinted.  DTG is most affordable and effective on white 100% cotton fabric, but with pre-treatment and a white ink underlay, it can be done on colored or black fabric as well!  Check out some of these designs below and let us know if you have any cool apparel ideas you’d like to see come to life.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

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